Women in Mathematics Lunch

Monday 3rd February at lunchtime in the Millennium's Nikau Restaurant. Speakers: Alison Etheridge (Oxford) and Lisa Fauci (Tulane). See Women in Mathematics for details, including a Q&A discussion completed by the speakers.


Early Career Workshop

This will be held after the ANZIAM conference, Friday 7th February, at the conference venue (the Millennium). Please see the Early Career Workshop website for more information.

Mathematics in Industry

This event is being organised by the NZ branch of ANZIAM and will take place at the conference in the afternoon and early evening of Monday 3rd February. It will comprise a focus session, consisting of approximately four talks, followed by a forum to facilitate discussion among industry representatives and and anyone with an interest in mathematics in industry.

Associated Meetings

  • Fluids in New Zealand 2014: The second FiNZ workshop will be held at the University of Auckland from 29th to 31st of January 2014.
  • MISG 2014: Mathematics in Industry Study Group, QUT, 28 Jan – 1 Feb 2014.
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